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April 26, 2013

Skip Hop Soft Book

This soft book is very interesting and safe for baby. Look at Muhammad, he really is enjoying his soft book!

Get This at RM30 only.
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April 24, 2013

Skip Hop Bib

Name: Skip Hop Bib
Price: RM10
Postage: RM6 (1-2 pcs)
RM 8 (3-5 pcs)
RM10 (more than 5 pcs)
Buy 3 at RM28!!!

April 23, 2013


Salam / Hi..

Promotion sempena Muhammad dah cukup 5 bulan pada 21 April yang lalu....

Lamaze Inchworm for RM18 only instead of RM23!!!

RM25 including postage to anywhere in Malaysia.



April 15, 2013

Fisher Price Diaper Bag

Name: FP Diaper Bag
Price: RM67
Postage: RM10 (WM)
              RM15 (EM)

Fisher Price Bath & Changing Caddy Bag

Name: Fisher Price Caddy Bag
Price: RM38
Postage: RM7 (WM)
               RM12 (EM)

Combi Well Comfort Stroller

Name: Combi Well Comfort WT250B Magical Black
Price: RM999
Postage: RM20 (WM)
             RM35 (EM)
1. Ultra lightweight - This is the lightest model in reversible handle stroller series in our collection. At an ultra lightweight of 4.6kg, it is easy to handle even you are carrying other heavy goods.
2. Open-touch folding and opening - Easy, rapid one hand open and close allows you to carry the baby or bags with the other hand.
3. Reversible handle - Reversible handle can be switched to either forward facing mode or face to face mode.
4. Detachable front guard - Convenient to settle baby.
5. Large canopy - Able to cut over 95% of ultra violet ray in sunlight so that the baby can be protected.
6. Top window - Mest top window allows easy viewing of the baby.
7. Moisture free, rapid dry polyester - Moisture free, rapid dry polyester is used to ensure greatest comfort to the baby. 
8. Canopy with mesh window - Canopy with mesh window can be opened for better ventilation, and can be closed on windy days. 
9. 3D mesh seat - Highly ventilated mesh seat is used.  
10. 170 degree full reclining seat - One touch angle adjustment. 
11. One touch 5 point harness - for maximum safety and retention  with one touch opening buckle. 
12. Large convenient basket - Big basket provides convenience nd relax during shopping. 
13. Suitable from newborn - 36 months.

Muhammad is using this stroller. I am so confident with this and I am recommending to everyone. Ringan sangat. Very useful especially bila kami nak naik turun tangga and escalator dekat mall. Also bila lalu kat tempat berbukit atau tanah yang tak sama rata, my hubby just simply lift this stroller up even when our Muhammad is in it! No sweat!

For me, mmg senang especially bila nak hantar barang2 customer, even ke post office sebab I have to bring along Muhammad. Sambil dukung si gumuk ni, using only one hand taking out the stroller from backseat atau bonet kereta and unfold the stroller. Yes, one hand only!


Mothercare 4 Position Carrier

Ready stock. Grab it fast!!

Name: Mothercare Carrier
Available in red and blue.
Price: RM65
Postage: RM10 (WM)
              RM15 (EM)

April 9, 2013

Delivery Method

Salaam/ Hi...

I want to clarify about delivery method. I'm using Pos Malaysia Parcel as this is way cheaper than Poslaju. Many of our customer don't want to pay high cost for postage. This method will normally takes 2-7 working days. So I hope you are cleared before you place orders. However, if you need your item urgently, you may request for Poslaju and you will have to pay the extra price for postage.

I need you to understand one more thing, postage cost calculator (in Pos Malaysia website) for poslaju is not normally the exact amount you need to pay. It depends on weight, shape and place. For example, if I want to send the same item to N9 area, I will pay less than if I want to send them to Johore.

Senang citer kalkulator tu memang tak boleh pakai coz bila dikira siap2 dari uma lain, bila da sampai kat kaunter lain pula amount yang kena bayar.

Saya harap pelanggan Adorable Muhammad boleh lebih memahami system kami. Ingat, apa pun kalau anda perlukan barang anda dengan segera, boleh je bagitahu kami... Thanks...

April 2, 2013

5 in 1 Diaper Bag

1 set include 5 items :
1 big diaper bag (size : L*W*H= 41*18*33CM )
1 small diaper bag (size : L*W*H*=33*10*27CM)
1 changing pad (size : L*W*H*=31*55CM)
1 bottle bag (size : L*W*H*=20*8CM)
1 food bag (size : L*W*H*=13*12*7CM )
Price: RM68
Postage: RM10 (WM)
RM20 (EM)
*Please ask for colour availability.